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Scenario 1: New Vendor

Setup a new dataset. The secretary has to create a new folder/vendor for it and attach the vendor contract. The contract is controlled of the right Dimensions and Posting Groups.

Scenario 2: Inventory

Setup a basic notification. If the inventory falls below the Reorder Point, the Purchase Manager will get a Notification automated by the workflow by default (critical stock).

Scenario 3: Nearly Over Credit Limit

Setup a basic notification. When customers have approached 90 % of their balance, the accountant is notified by default in this matter.                         

Scenario 4: Expired Lot Number

Setup a basic notification. Once the current date exceeds the expiration date of an item or a lot, the employee DC from the warehouse is informed by default, to avoid unnecessary occupation of storage.

Scenario 5: New Customer

Setup a basic new record workflow. When a new customer is created, Mandatory Fields will be checked and the Credit Contract attached by the secretary. Subsequently, approvals by various departments will take place.

Scenario 6: New Employee

Setup a basic new record workflow. If a new employee is hired, the Secretary looks if all Mandatory Fields are filled in and attaches the contract. The HR Department revises the employment contract. The IT Manager takes care of the computer installation, setups and accesses. The Financial Management reports the tax and superannuation forms and requests a union membership number.

Scenario 7: Preparation for Shipment

Setup a basic process workflow. The Logistic Manager books the truck and confirms the appointment two days prior to the due day. He then compiles the order picking and adds the list to the loading list and updates the Shipping No. In addition, export documents can be created for foreign customers.

Scenario 8: Customer Complaint

Setup a basic process workflow. Once a customer complaint comes in, fields such as evaluation and comment has to be checked. It must be made sure that those fields are filled in. If this is the case, an employee will take further steps.

Scenario 9: Customer Field Change

Setup an advanced notification. The Sales Manager is informed on each and every change on the costumer cards via notification.

Scenario 10: Delivery Date Notification

Setup an advanced notification. The Sales Manager is on notice on Requested Delivery Dates which cannot be met via notification. So therefore, the Sales Manager can inform the correlating costumer.

Scenario 11: Recurring To-Dos

Setup a recurring notification. The most important costumers of the company are contacted monthly by the Sales Manager, who is in charge of. The Sales Manager will be reminded by an alert system.

Scenario 12: Approval Process

Setup an advanced approval process workflow. Payments of over 1000 Euro are checked and possibly approved by the Accountant and then can be paid by the Secretary afterwards. An inquiry of payment decisions in a different currency will be sent to the Financial Manager for approval or rejection.

Scenario 13: Production Process Approval

Setup an advanced process workflow. If the designer has a new product, that person will check all the required fields. If the product has passed the quality test, the new product can be released.

Scenario 14: Purchase Process Approval                    

Setup an advanced approval process workflow. Purchases of the amount below 1.000 Euro are directly performed by the Purchasers but if the amount of a purchase is over 1.000 Euro, the head of department will be notified and an approval is necessary to release the purchase.

Scenario 15: Depending Workflows International Purchase

Setup an advanced process workflow. Each and every order process starts with sending an order and attaching the supplier order confirmation. In the case of an import order, import documentation are sent to the freight forwarder. The costs for each purchase line are examined and the expected receipt day will be confirmed. In case of delayed delivery, the Production or Sales Department will be informed.

Scenario 16: Finance Process

Setup an advanced process workflow. After the Account Statement are finalized by the finance team, the orders by the Purchase Manager, the Sales by the Sales Manager and the production orders of the Production Manager, the Warehouse Manager can execute a stocktake. The accountant then can prepare the process of payment and close the debtor´s file. The Sales Manager draws up a sales report in order that the Finance Team is able to complete the monthly account statements. If a New Fiscal Year starts, the Yearly Financial Statements will be appointed and the fiscal year and income statement will be closed additionally.

Scenario 17: Check before Posting

Setup a check before transaction is completed. Specific fields which are Mandatory Fields are controlled before posting a sales order. If the employee posts without fulfilling the Mandatory Fields, an error message will open.

Scenario 18: Inactive Customer

Setup a recurring notification. The Sales Manager is to be notified, when a customer has made no turnover for more than half a year. It will be checked, if the customer has ledger entries at all. If yes, it will be checked, if the latest of these ledger entries is older than half a year.

User Documentation

Detailed manual with screenshots of how to set up workflows in the agilesWorkflow app.

agiles Settlement Systems

User Documentation

Detailed manual with screenshots of how to set up the agiles Settlement Systems app and how to create a new settlement.